Hello to you.

This is Better Club.

It's a publication and LOOSE community about technology, work and trying to patch all this STUFF TOGETHER.

It's written by (at least) two people, both of whom spend much of their waking lives thinking about the processes and systems they inhabit. They refine them, iterate them, perfect them and then gently ignore them. The point, reader, is that they are doing this for you.

You didn't ask them to. You might not even want them to. Fact is, it's too late now.

At Better Club we try stuff out, see what works with what, get distracted, play with stuff - all to the end of trying to make things better. Often that means work life, but not always.

Better Club wants to make your life better, but it also acknowledges that barely any of this stuff works very reliably. Whilst Better Club wants you to enjoy the techniques and workflows it suggests, it also wants you to go for long walks in the fresh air and enjoy music and fine wines.

If you choose to join, and you really fucking should, you'll be exposed to benefits the like of which you can barely imagine. Extra exclusive member-posts, a SECRET forum for members to talk in, and probably some other stuff that they didn't even tell me about.

The important thing, is that you're in the club. From here, things can only get better.